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Fotgrafía Corporativa Digital para las redes sociales y página web de Lajui


Todas las preguntas de lo que necesitas saber sobre la contratación de los servicios de LaJuli.

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  • How long does it take to deliver the Corporate Identity packages?
    The delivery of the Corporate Identity packages depends on the response time of the client. Delivery schedules are scheduled with each client according to their needs. Normally the delivery of Logo proposals takes 5 business days. for the Corporate Identity Pro package the final delivery is estimated in 8 business days and for the Brand Look and Feel package the final delivery takes 3 business days. During the 3 processes, a previously studied work schedule is delivered for the completion of the project
  • How long does it take for the delivery of the Digital Design packages?
    Delivery time for Social Media Basic packages takes between 2-4 business days depending on the complexity of the design. The Content Plan depends on the amount of time in which it is stipulated to be carried out, that is, for a 3-month Content Plan, its delivery normally takes 8 to 10 business days, if the objective of the Plan of Contents is longer, a previously studied work schedule must be submitted. For the Brand Look and Feel of Personal Branding, the estimated time is according to a previously agreed work schedule.
  • How long does it take to deliver a web page?
    The delivery time of a web page depends on its complexity. Likewise, the delivery of the content by the client. So the time is planned through the delivery of a work schedule. Web pages have 4 stages of delivery. 1. Presentation of Moodboard where a compilation of graphic references is made that brings the client closer to a design idea. 2. Preliminary design delivery of 3 interfaces, where the client can have an approximation to the design that their website will have in total. 3.Delivery of the design of all interfaces for approval. 4. Delivery of the web with its corresponding assembly.
  • How long does it take to deliver a 2 x $100,000 combo?
    Delivery of proposals for a 2 x $100,000 combo normally takes 2 business days depending on the work queue at that time.
  • How long does it take to deliver a Corporate Brochure?
    The delivery time for a Corporate Brochure proposal is 4 business days, but it depends on the delivery of information in a timely manner.
  • How long does the delivery of the Corporate Stationery take?
    The delivery time for proposals from the Corporate Stationery is 2 business days.
  • How long does it take to deliver a Digital or Printed graphic piece?
    The delivery time for proposals for a graphic or digital piece is 1 business day.
  • How long does it take for my Brand Book to be delivered?
    After taking the photographs of the Brand Book, it takes 3 business days; the delivery of the photographs that will be delivered in a folder hosted on Google Drive for their corresponding download.
  • What form of payment can I use to hire LaJuli's services?
    It can be done through a bank transfer from Bancolombia, through Efecty de Servientrega or through Apuestas Ochoa. Request the data you need here
  • What mode of payment can I have for each service?
    For each type of service a different form of payment is used and depending on the client's needs, the total amount can be deferred by different percentages. Corporate Identity: Corporate Identity Pro: 50% - 50% Premium Corporate Identity: 40% - 30% - 30% Digital Design: Social Media Basic: 50% - 50% Social Media Pro: 50% - 50% Web page: It is done to agree with the client. Digital Corporate Photos: It is done to agree with the client
  • Are consignment taxes included in the prices?
    It is not included, so you must increase the price, the taxes for bank consignment.
  • If I don't like the design, will there be a refund?
    If we were unable to reach an agreement through the process, the money will be returned between the 2 parties.
  • In what kind of formats will I receive my graphic arts?
    Types of editable delivery formats are .psd, .ai, .pdf. The arts for printing are delivered finished art. Image delivery formats are .jpg and .png. For the web page, email and password for access to the account are delivered. The arts made for social networks go in .jpg and .gif or .mp4 if required. The Photographs are delivered with their final digital development in .jpg file on top and .jpg on download for use in social networks and web page.
  • Digital Corporate Photography
    Service valid for enterprises and companies located in the coffee region. If you are located in another part of Colombia, we can agree through the quote the travel expenses to carry out the project. For the Personal Brand package, it must be defined through a Corporate Moodboard socialized in a previous appointment how the photos will be, the locations that were chosen, if an additional wardrobe and makeup is required, and the expenses will be quoted. additional separate. For the Accessories Products and Beverages Brands package, it must be defined through a Corporate Moodboard socialized in a previous appointment how the photos will be, the locations that were chosen and if additional equipment and lighting is required. Additional expenses will be quoted separately.
  • Web page
    The web pages are made on the WIX.COM web development platform in the HTML language, they are responsive, that is, they have an optimization so that they are seen correctly on mobile devices Currently the assembly is only used through this platform, if you only require the design of the interfaces, you can also make and deliver the artwork in .psd files. All web pages include the purchase of the UPGRADE and the DOMAIN for 1 year. From then on, the client must bear the costs of RENEWAL of UPGRADE and DOMAIN. The UPGRADE that is generally purchased is "UNLIMITED" and for pages that require a shopping cart, the UPGRADE E-COMMERCE. The cost of these 2 modalities can be found here. If you already have Hosting and domain on your page, you must take into account that when working with web pages in WIX.COM, you can NOT reuse the previous hosting, but rather mount it in the Cloud. The old domain can be redirected with the WIX.COM website The mailboxes are not included in the standard price either, so you must specify if you want to obtain mailboxes at the time of making the contact and the quote. That is why you need to carry out the following survey to determine what type of web page you really need and do not incur in paying others. The 30% Monthly discount applies to web pages that are going to buy Domain and Upgrade in Wix for the first time.
  • all arts
    Prices free of Withholding at the Source. (If there is any change at the last minute depending on the part that integrates it, LaJuli must be notified prior to 1 week). Quotations valid only for 15 days from the date. Additional work carried out during the project must be paid separately and the client is responsible for reviewing the final art, I am NOT responsible for possible errors in the design. The form of payment can be modified depending on how the parties talk and the price is exempt from withholding at the source or consignment tax, so if it is charged, that cost must be added to the final price. Delivery times and the work schedule are agreed with the client at the time the work is agreed. If you need the work urgently, a 20% surcharge will be charged on the final price.
  • What type of platform is the website mounted on?
    All web pages are built on WIX.COM, one of the most important web development platforms in the world, with an amount of 100 million users around the world. Its philosophy is based on making the internet accessible to everyone, so its interface is very intuitive, easy to use without the need to know code. It is a platform where different types of organizations and businesses can have a friendly experience with the promotion of their products and services on the Internet, giving them an important position in the digital world. Advantages of WIX:COM: Wix provides secure hosting. The information remains yours privately. You can build your website professionally without knowing code. It is a platform that is constantly being updated. You can buy your domain, add mailboxes, create a blog and manage your mailing lists, promote your business online, sell your products and services, make reservations and much more in one place. Your website never expires. If you forgot to renew your domain or Upgrade, don't worry. Your page will exist by having your own wix account.
  • In what type of Web Pages does the 30% discount of the Month apply?
    Applies to web pages that are going to buy Domain and Upgrade in Wix for the first time.
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